What is impotence?

Erectile dysfunction in men is defined commonly as impotence. Is this naming is not harmful to people who suffer from this embarrassing ailment? As it turns specialists try to avoid the term, therefore, that it is characterized by a negative and is of the evaluator. The person referred to as “impotent” may feel resentful because of this, and this, in turn, leads to a situation that her self-esteem and self-esteem drops significantly. The consequence is […]

Chest pain may be angina pectoris

Who has not felt that “twinge” in his chest. Is it normal? Is it a symptom of something more serious? Sometimes it is a normal muscle contraction, can sometimes be even accumulation of gases. However, at times, can be a warning sign of heart. Let’s talk about it? Angina pectoris is the theme of time! Unexpectedly, in the midst of some activity, manifested chest pain stronger than any that we have experienced in this area. […]